10 Healthy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Nov 15, 2019

When you learn how to take simple, inexpensive ingredients and turn them into a variety of delicious meals then healthy eating suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to stick with! So what ingredient should you start with? CHICKEN! There are so many different ways to cook HEALTHY meals with chicken! Craving Mexican food - chicken tacos!  In the mood for Italian - Chicken parmesan! 

I'm giving you 10 exclusive-to-YDIP chicken dinner recipes that will help you learn to love eating healthy!  Click here to download ALL 10 recipes now! 

These are a few of the simple healthy recipes from the e-book:

1. Chicken Gyros with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce - Grilled chicken in a fluffy pita with homemade cucumber tzatziki sauce - YUM!

2. Chicken Alfredo Pasta  - YES, there is such thing as a healthy alfredo sauce!  It's creamy and delicious and I'll bet you can't tell the difference from the real thing.

3. Breaded Chicken Parmesan - Calling all Italian lovers - this one's for you!  This baked chicken parm will satisfy all your comfort food needs without all the added calories! 

 These 3 recipes, PLUS 7 more, are available in our FREE EBOOK: 10 Quick & Easy Healthy Chicken Dinner Recipes!  

You won't have to think about what's for dinner for the next 2 weeks!  You're welcome! 😉 

-Your Dinner Is Planned


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