This is scary…

Aug 05, 2018

You know what’s scary? And difficult?




But you know what’s even scarier and more difficult?


Staying exactly where you are right now and not growing, changing, and taking chances.


Imagine never doing the things you want to do, or never becoming the person you’re meant to be, because you’re so dang comfortable with where you are. Scary, right?!


I know how scary change can be. I’ve lived it! When I started Your Dinner is Planned, I had an amazing job with Nestle. I was working in HR, had plans to retire there, and thought I was living my dream.


But I was comfortable. TOO comfortable! So I took a chance and stepped into change. I quit my job, and now I get to deliver healthy recipes to people around the world.


What would YOU do if you embraced change? Where would you explore? Who would you be?


Change may be scary, but it’s also a great thing. We learn, we evolve, and we grow. We stop “hoping” for progress and we start taking action to reach our goals. So tell me… are YOU ready to step into change?


I promise it’s worth it. You’re worth it.


- Jazzy


P.S. I’m here for you with tools, tips, and encouragement so that you can make positive change happen in your life, and stick with it! Your Dinner Is Planned is your opportunity to finally implement sustainable change into your life and the life of your family. It is THE fastest and most affordable way to get healthy dinners on the table. You can learn more about Your Dinner is Planned here.



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