5 Easy Ways To Cook With Wine

Jan 07, 2018

You know what sucks?

Boring and bland food.

You know what doesn’t suck?


Whether you love to drink it or not (I’m in the "not" camp), wine can add such great flavor to your dishes.

And here’s the best part…it doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are five simple ways to incorporate wine into your cooking to add extra flavor:

1. Pair a glass of white wine with risotto (Okay, okay — this one is about drinking wine, you caught me… but it’s a delicious pairing).
2. If a dish calls for water, substitute it with wine!
3. If you’re sautéing something in oil, reduce the oil a bit and add some wine (this is uber delicious when sautéing veggies).
4. Mix wine with melted ghee and pour it over fish before cooking (um, amazing).
5. When making a marinade, decrease the oil and use wine.

And there you have it — five simple ways to incorporate wine into your cooking! No hassle, no extra steps, no headache.



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