What I think about a diet doesn’t matter.

Sep 02, 2018

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I’ve been LOVING Instagram’s new questions feature where you can ask me questions in my stories and I can answer them there!


One of the things I get asked about most frequently is my opinion on certain diets/eating lifestyles, like intermittent fasting, carb cycling, keto, etc. And while I love sharing my thoughts (and will continue to do so!), I had to come to you with some real talk today.


Here’s the thing


… what I personally think about a diet doesn’t matter!


So often, we approach healthy living through the lens of others.


We wonder what’s worked for our friends, what our neighbor did to get in shape, what the interwebz says about [insert some fad diet here].


Instead, we should be asking ourselves…


Have I researched the science behind this diet?

Does eating like this make me feel amazing?

Can I be consistent with this, or am I struggling?

Is it sustainable for me?

Am I following this because I enjoy it?


Until you answer THOSE questions, what anyone else thinks about a diet is irrelevant (unless they’re a trained medical/nutritional professional).


Living a healthy lifestyle is about doing what works for YOU! It’s about implementing habits that are sustainable and align with your overall lifestyle. If you’re following an eating plan that’s full of foods you hate, or there are too many rules and you’re not a rules person (hi, that’s me 🙋‍), then you’re not going to stick with it no matter how effective it was for your best friend’s sister.


So the next time you’re wondering about someone’s opinion on a diet, ask yourself those questions first! After all, YOU’RE the one following it!



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