5 Tips to Add Variety to Your Dinners

Nov 12, 2017

"Nooo, not meatloaf for dinner AGAIN!"

Have you ever heard a similar sentiment?!

Perhaps you aren't eating meatloaf seven times per week, but I'm going to guess you also aren't eating new and exciting meals every-single-night.

Or you know that feeling when you've been going out to eat so frequently, but you don't really realize it until you look at your bank account?

Yea... I know that feeling.

I swear there have been times in my life where you could learn my favorite restaurants just by looking at my bank statements.

Whether you are having meatloaf over and over again, you're going out to eat because you just don't want to spend time even thinking about what to cook for dinner, or you're simply just eating your same go-to meals all the time... I have 5 tips for you to implement variety back into your dinners!

>> Tip #1 - Use A Lifeline

Your phone a friend lifeline, that is. This tip is an easy tip to implement, and it's fun!

Message a friend or family member, and ask them for a recipe they've recently created. Now? Make that!

Sometimes it's as simple as having a new, trusted recipe to get us out of a cooking rut.

>> Tip #2 - Repurpose (Your Food)

Find three ways to repurpose an ingredient you have on hand. Do you have a couple pounds of chicken? Ok, make three entirely different meals; see Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:
1. BBQ Chicken Pizza
2. Chicken Tortilla Soup
3. Cajun Chicken Pasta

Not only will you be saving money (because you won't need to buy a new base ingredient for each meal), you'll have completely different (and delicious) meals throughout the week.

>> Tip #3 - Use It Or Lose It

Another easy tip... ya know those ingredients you've shoved to the back of your pantry? Or the produce you have in your refrigerator drawer that you haven't even touched?

For this tip, find an ingredient you have on hand that is about to expire; now, find a recipe that uses it! This will help you get creative, try something new, and also use up that ingredient before it is gone for good. Dun dun dun...

>> Tip #4 - Spice It Up

Spices & seasonings should be your best friend. Ok, and pizza. And peanut butter. But spices & seasonings can completely transform a dish.

Craving Italian flavors? Add dried basil and oregano to your dish. In the mood for some Mexican flare? Add chili powder and cumin.

With spices and seasonings, you can take any ordinary dish and customize the flavors to enjoy a new variety every day!

>> Tip #5 - Get Jazzy with it!

I LOOOOVE creating healthy versions of recipes. I mean, that's just what I do! I can take ANY all-time favorite recipe, and I'll get Jazzy with it by turning it into a healthier version!

If someone said "Prove it" I'd pull out the ten healthy cookbooks I've created and direct them straight to the membership site: Your Dinner Is Planned ;-)

My tip to you is to put a healthy spin on recipes too. To switch up one of your weekly dinners, look at your recipe ahead of time and see where you can cut back on some of the 'unnecessary' ingredients. You know, those few extra tablespoons of olive oil that don't change the flavor anyway, or the quadrupled servings sizes of pasta that are just as delicious with a smaller portion size.

Get creative, make some adjustments, and experiment! You'll quickly learn that adjusting recipes does not mean they are removed of flavor!

Alrighty... there you go! 5 tips to add variety to your dinners. HAVE FUN with these tips... cooking dinner does not have to be a chore!

I hope these are helpful for you and inspire you to step beyond the norm that you're accustomed too while adding in some variety.

Also, I'd love to hear from you!

>>> Reply back directly to this email (I, Jazzy, am right on the other end) and let me know:

What is your #1 struggle right now with planning your dinners each night?

Hope to hear from you soon!


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