How to stay motivated when life throws you curveballs

Sep 16, 2018

Let’s talk motivation!


I see you out there setting goals and going after them… and that’s awesome!


But if we’re being honest, sometimes life happens.


You know what I’m talking about! You’re trucking along, making serious progress toward what you want to achieve, when all of a sudden something pops up that has the potential to throw you way off track.


So how do you stay motivated?


For me, it’s all about my WHY.


My why is my purpose in life — which is to impact others and live the life of my dreams.


My why is something I am 100% committed to. It’s big enough and strong enough to overcome any excuses and obstacles I may have… which means when life throws me a curveball, I dig deeper into my commitment to my WHY!


When you have a big why, you can start to shift your mindset from “motivation” to commitment. Your goals become TOO important to let anything stand in your way, because they’re tied to your life’s purpose!


This also means that everything in your life — from your relationships, to your work, to your health, to the goals you create — become aligned with that vision. Because if they’re not aligned, they become detractors, and your why can’t flourish!


So tell me… what’s YOUR why? Share it with me on Instagram and tag me (@JazzyThings).  I can’t wait to see it.


- Jazzy



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