What does healthy mean?

Aug 26, 2018

Which of these evenings can be classified has “healthy”?


Evening A: You’re eating a kale salad after having spent an hour getting in a killer workout at the gym.


Evening B: You’re eating some cereal on the couch and binging 5 episodes of Shark Tank.


The answer is… BOTH!


There is no ONE way to achieve healthy, because “healthy” means doing what works for YOU. It means implementing habits that are sustainable, that won’t make you quit after one week, and that make you happy.


For me, working hard at the gym, staying active throughout the week, and eating wholesome meals (and a bowl of cereal or two 😉) while crushing some awesome TV with my fiancé is my picture of health.


So now it’s your turn… what does healthy look like for you?


Don’t try to fit into a mold. Make your own damn mold. Find what you enjoy, what fuels you, and what allows you to spend time with the ones you love.



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