Real Talk: mirror pictures and being normal

Apr 22, 2018

A few weeks ago, I posted the picture on Instagram...

The response was so outstanding that I had to share it with you guys here.


These pictures were taken two seconds apart. On the left, I’m sucking in, not breathing, flexing, and had eaten many meals (noms). On the right, I’m being normal… and had still eaten many meals.


FRIENDS… why are you comparing yourself to people flexing on social media acting like they magically shit out any food they consume immediately?!


You’re not walking around the grocery store holding your breath with your shirt off, are you?!


Here are a few secrets that are not really secrets:

When you eat food, you don’t immediately poop it out. If you do, please go see a doctor.

When you drink water, that goes into your body and may show.

When you eat fiber-filled veggies (which are delicious), you will maybe get some bloating.


These can all be summed up as: WHEN YOU ARE BEING A NORMAL FREAKIN’ HUMAN… well, you’re just like all of us!


Please don’t spend time agonizing over what your brother’s girlfriend’s sister looks like on Instagram. You’re awesome just the way you are.


Your #1 Fan,




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