Myths of moderation + healthy eating

Sep 23, 2018

Do you find yourself thinking a lot about moderation when you think about living a healthy lifestyle?


Talk of moderation is EVERYWHERE! Whether it’s about moderating your eating, your behaviors, your habits, or some other aspect of your life… it seems like control is a huge factor in the healthy living conversation.


But what if moderation is more about what’s happening on the inside?


Back in the day, I used to be immersed in counting macros. I really didn’t have a balance in my eating — which is just another way of saying there was too much moderation going on!




Because I was putting way too much value on how I LOOKED!


Once I was able to address those feelings, I stopped getting hung up on moderation and instead focused on what really mattered to me: feeling great and living my best life.


“Finding moderation” starts internally. It’s about proactively focusing on WHY you feel the need to moderate your food/habits/behaviors. What’s causing you to focus on controlling a certain area of your life instead of focusing on doing the things that make you feel your best?


It takes practice, but having this sort of self awareness is HUGE! If you can identify why you feel the need to moderate, you can address those feelings at the source and start focusing on the things that make you feel fabulous.

So the next time your stuck on moderation, ask yourself a different question: why do you feel this way? That self reflection may just be the catalyst for massive growth in your life!


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