5 Tips To Save $50 on Groceries

Oct 20, 2019

I am a bargain hunter - I LOVE to know I am getting a deal when I buy something!  Clothes, shoes, household items, AND YES at the grocery store too! 

I always look for the sales at the grocery store - it's a super easy way to save some serious money!

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Do you spend a couple minutes BEFORE going to the store to assess your budget or what you may be spending? Do you take time once you’re IN the store to capture even more savings? 

Your Dinner Is Planned is ALL about eating healthy in the easiest, most affordable way possible.  Our members receive money savings tips regularly (like this e-book) and cut hundreds of dollars off their grocery bill! 

We want YOU to save money whether you're a YDIP member or not, so we're giving you 5 super easy-to-implement ways you can cut down your grocery bill, too!

(You can download the full resource here to read over anytime you need to evaluate your monthly budget!)

Ok, let's get our saving on!

TIP #1:  Buy Meats on Sale! 

Meat will rack up your grocery bill!  When you can find it on sale - buy multiple packs and freeze them until you're ready to use it!

TIP #2:  Find The Off-Brand

Name brand products can be double the price of its off-brand counterpart.  I'm willing to bet you won't be able to tell the difference between the two!

TIP #3:  Shop The Bulk Bins

Not only are these bulk bin ingredients cheaper per ounce than manufacturer packaged ingredients, getting less at a time means the excess doesn’t just sit in your cupboard, unused! 

TIP #4:  Make It Yourself

If budgeting is your main priority (over convenience), then this tip is especially for you!  Download the full resource here for everyday foods that are easy to make yourself instead of buying them pre-made.

TIP# 5:  Check Your Pantry Before Going To The Store

This sounds like a simple step, but it can be costly if you end up buying several ingredients you already have!

There you have it.  Sounds easy enough right?  Try implementing these tips each week and see how much money you'll save! 

Download all the tips + bonus content now!

Happy bargain shopping, friends!

-Your Dinner Is Planned


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