Healthy shouldn't be about rules.

Jan 28, 2018

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of all the “rules” that come with living a healthy lifestyle.

You guys… I want to let you in on a secret:

Healthy isn’t about frickin rules! It’s about YOU!

Healthy is not that diet program you saw on a FB ad, it’s not whatever your neighbor is doing, and it’s definitely not some fad or quick life fix.

It’s about investing in yourself!

You know when you feel great. You know when you have energy. You know when you’re sitting on your ass too much or when you’ve found an exercise you love.

So forget all of the noise and do what works for YOU. Pick your definition of healthy based on what you will do every month — based on what you enjoy and what won’t make you want to cry.

If you’re waking up dreading the day ahead because you hate the workout you’re doing, or you’re on a super-restrictive diet, or you’re pooping chia seeds like no one’s business... it’s going to start affecting the rest of your life. And you’re going to start hating “healthy” because you’ve associated it with this miserable state you’re in, and it’s not sustainable.

Stop with the rules. Break the habit of jumping from trend to trend. Value your health by investing in the things that make you happy instead of those that make you miserable.

Are you with me?!

Your rule-breaking friend,



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