Top Apps to Prioritize & Organize Your Life

Aug 13, 2019

A question I get ALL the time is: “Jazzy, how do you stay so organized?”  Let me tell you!

I use the notes app on my phone to prioritize and outline all my tasks. I structure my morning so I am high vibe throughout the day and I utilize Google Calendar tirelessly!  I’m going to talk in more detail about all of these so I can help you organize your days a little better, too!

Why is it even important to organize your thoughts and goals? Why should we organize our priorities?  It’s important because we can then give in other areas of our lives. If you’re a hot mess right now, that’s fine!  You have to start somewhere! 

First and foremost, my phone and my computer are very organized.  I have ZERO red dots. I may have a messy closet, but you know what? I have zero red dots on my phone! 

I work from 1 screen on my phone and put everything into folders. Right now and I have nine different folders. I have a health folder, music, shopping, travel, project management, social, photography, finance and then just stuff. Instead of scrolling among all these pages of stuff, you just have it all in one folder. Try this - it is so freeing! 

The next tip is about how I structure my day.  I don’t really like too much structure! I’m my own boss so I can have the flexibility I want!  Whether you work from home or not, we all have some hours of the day that we can control and organize.

I wake up fairly early, around 5:30 or 6:00, but I love to just lay in bed for a while with the cats. I’m just being mindless during this time and it’s very intentional. I intentionally just lay there with the cats and get up slooooowly.  I think about my day, I think about what I’m grateful for, and I just use that time to be present in the moment. 

Then, for the next couple hours of the day, I’m making breakfast, maybe watching Netflix - getting my mindset right for the day before I start working.  Think about what you’re doing before you step into work. During your commute, are you listening to music or podcasts? Are you journaling, dreaming up ideas?  Use this time for YOU! If you start your morning off on the right foot, the good vibes will carry you through the day! 

Within my super organized phone, I utilize the Notes app like no other!  I list out each day of the week and I put in my top 3-5 most important tasks I want to accomplish.  I put a check mark next to each task as I complete it and it is super validating to see what I’ve accomplished.  Then, at the end of the day if I’ve gotten my most important tasks completed, I don’t feel guilty having me time and just sitting down and relaxing!  Tomorrow is another day and I will check some more things off my list then. 

Another game-changing tool I use is Google Calendar!  I live out of Google Calendar! It was hard to transition from my beloved paper calendar but it has been life changing.  When I travel, I put my confirmation numbers in there, I put my hotel information, dinner reservations, holidays, all of it goes into my Google Calendar. It’s my one stop place so I don’t waste any time thinking about it or trying to remember/dig up the details. 

I’d love to hear any resources you use to keep yourself organized!  Leave me your tools in the comments!  

I hope by me sharing how I keep myself organized, I help inspire you to take control of your day and implement 1 or all of these little tips in your life!  Let me know how it changes you - because it will change you!  

FREEBIE ALERT:  Download a list of my top apps for prioritizing and organizing and see why and how I use each one, HERE!  




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