6 Tips to Add Variety to Your Meals

Jun 29, 2019

This might come as a shocker to you but, YOU DON’T HAVE TO EAT THE SAME BORING FOOD EVERY WEEK!  Crazy, I know.  

Do you get into a routine and find yourself going out to the same restaurants or cooking the same things at home?  I’ve been there! I used to eat potatoes in various forms, ever.single.day!  But over the years, I’ve learned how to spice things up in the kitchen and let me tell you, I never get bored with my meals!

Ok, ok, I’ll share my secrets with you!  I’m going to help you switch out the pizza, pasta, takeout - whatever your go-to meals are - and add some variety to your life with these 6 tips!

Plus, I'm giving you a FREE YDIP recipe, too! 

Tip #1 To add variety to your meals: Phone A Friend!

Call (or text or email or whatever) your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, Aunt, Grandma, best friend and ask them what they’re making for dinner or something tasty that they’ve made recently. 

It’s overwhelming searching Pinterest for recipes everyday.  By the time you climb out of the rabbit hole you’ve wandered into, it’s too late to make the recipe anyways; am I right?  Been there!  

Phone a friend, have a little chit-chat and get a new recipe idea!  You can even make it a weekly thing - what a fun way to get new ideas!

Tip #2 To add variety to your meals: Re-purpose Your Protein! 

Say you bought 8 lbs. of ground turkey last week because it was on sale (hey, that’s what I do!).  You don’t have to eat plain ground turkey for the next 3 weeks - switch it up! You can use the same ingredient and cook it in SO many ways!

One night, do a Ground Turkey Feta Meatloaf.  Then do a Mexican Lasagna.  Then try some Ground Turkey Zucchini Boats.  Three totally different meals using the same protein!  

Tip #3 To add variety to your meals: Use It, Or Lose It!

Find something that you’ve shoved to the back of your pantry or something that is about to go bad in your produce drawer and create a meal around that.  Get creative! Try something new!

You keep making the same things over and over again!  It won’t kill you to venture out of your comfort zone for one night and use up that damn ingredient that’s just taking up space! 

Tip #4 To add variety to your meals: Chop Yo’ Veggies

When you get home from the grocery store (or whenever you have 10 minutes), wash your veggies, chop them up and stick them into some tupperware.  If you have them on hand, ready to go, you’ll be way more likely to grab them when you’re making dinner.  

I like to keep bell peppers and onions chopped up all the time because they’re so easy to incorporate into a variety of meals or just roast them in the oven for 20 mins and have as a side.  

Tip #5 To add variety to your meals: Spice It Up!

Keeping an assortment of spices in your cupboard can help you transform your meals!  Are you feeling Italian? Add some basil and oregano. Craving Mexican food? Throw on some chili powder and cumin.  

Tip #6 To add variety to your meals: Get Jazzy With It!

If you’re ready to Jazz it up on your own - you go girl!  I know you can do it! Get creative! Have fun with it! And remember, if you totally butcher dinner, there’s always tomorrow (kidding - you’ll do great)! You’ll get into a groove and be whipping up some gourmet sh*t before you know it!  :)

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I hope these tips help get you moving in the right direction! 

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