Finally... a plan that prioritizes healthy meals while

giving you more time back in your day.


Your Dinner

Is Planned

The easiest and most affordable way to cook healthy dinners for your family.


Between work, fam, and fun, you bring a lot of different things to the table —


Look, I’ll bet my last bite of blueberry scone you’ve:

  • Felt like you just didn’t have any dang time to plan new (and different) recipes for your fam this week, so it’s another meal of take ‘n’ bake pizza (you just need the kids to eat!)
  • Had the best intentions of cooking a healthy homemade meal, but then life got in the way … so you say eff it, and order takeout (again). Now you're feeling discouraged and guilty
  • Grumbled about how impossible it can feel to whip up a healthy meal that your family — and picky kiddos — will eat without sneaking bites to the dog.
  • Mourned all the hard-earned cash you’ve wasted on groceries that didn't get used... again!
  • Felt like if you could just get a bit of help (or more time!) feeding your family healthy and delicious homemade meals wouldn't be so dang hard. 

I know you're committed to being healthy. You just need a little help to make it happen.

And that's where Your Dinner Is Planned comes in.


See what current YDIP members are talking about in the members-only community.

When you care about your well-being and your wallet...

Your Dinner Is Planned

makes your days healthier and saner with:


Devour five delectable (and brand new) entree recipes each and every week that picky eaters will actually enjoy! Deceptively easy and endlessly delicious, it’s all about great food that does your body good.


Skip the hassle and head straight to the perfectly portioned, mobile-friendly lists that make grocery shopping more efficient than ever. Never buy too much or too little again!


Find flavorful favorites to pair with any entree by receiving access to the collection of sides and veggies that add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to every dish.


Master simple (and practical) tricks & tips for eating right the simple way through weekly videos with your menu, blog posts, emails, and enthusiastic hugs in the YDIP online community.


Jump into the thriving YDIP Facebook community for cooking tips straight from the trenches, Insta-worthy photos of your friends’ dishes, good-hearted accountability, and the occasional knock-knock joke.

We handle the planning and the headaches so you can focus on the cooking and spending time with your family.

A Behind-The-Scenes Look Inside The Membership Site Content:


Weekly menu with five brand new recipes every week! Release the guilt of not having healthy dinner on the table, because now you can finally feed your family delicious meals without the burden of planning.


Grocery shopping made efficient and effortless! Your weekly grocery checklists include EVERYTHING needed for your entire week of dinners. The lists also indicate previously used ingredients so nothing goes to waste!


Simple & healthy recipes that provide you with endless variety -- even picky eaters will ask for more! Impress your family with your new skills and actually feel good about the dinners you are feeding your kids.


(I’m also the Founder and Recipe Guru here at Your Dinner Is Planned.)

My love affair with healthy eating began back in 2013 when I started my career at a Fortune 100 Company, and realized that eating well made me feel so much better.

The problem? I wasn’t willing to sacrifice flavor for, y’know, poorly-cooked tofu.

And so began the research, discovering healthy alternatives to some of my favorite not-so-healthy dishes. Before long, I noticed a huge transformation both physically and mentally.

With a well-balanced diet and exercise in the forefront of my life, I gained energy, mental clarity, and focus. Best of all, I discovered that it is absolutely possible to lead a healthy lifestyle without giving up delicious foods. I decided to share my recipes and progress with the world, and launching my Instagram account (@jazzythings). I wanted to provide a real, tangible grasp of my fitness journey and inspire others to take control of their health, and it worked!

People from all over the world started creating my recipes, and my audience continued to flourish. Upon request, I built an e-cookbook and promoted it online with ZERO expectations. I was surprised, to say the least, when it BLEW UP! That's when I realized that my true passion is in creating new recipes and helping others learn to cook and bake in healthy ways. In the summer of 2013, I quit my corporate gig and used my life's savings to continue pursuing my passion of inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle!

Since then, I've created 10 healthy cookbooks, and before I knew it, I was traveling all over the nation for private parties and hands-on cooking workshops. My love for creating healthy recipes has allowed me to speak in front of hundreds of people, conduct over 40 Jazzy Workshops throughout the United States, and even land a role as a recipe creator for one of the largest grocery chains in the world, Kroger.

This is said with confidence: Your Dinner Is Planned is changing lives and will continue to do so.... it's your time now!

Let's do this — TOGETHER!



“We’re saving money because we’re actually using everything we buy!”

Your Dinner Is Planned gives you your grocery list at the beginning of the week, and with the groceries purchased, you are provided 5 easy and healthy recipes! Then, to top it off, YDIP takes in consideration what you have purchased the week before and may have left over to use in future recipes.

-Brittney V.

“I can’t believe I’m making things that taste this good!”

I've made a handful of these recipes... and I LOVE them. I am cooking for just me, so every week I pick one or two recipes that really *speak* to my tummy and go for it. Thanks Jazzy!

-Brittnie B.

“The variety has been so nice, we’ve loved every meal, and everything has been so fast and easy.”

I just wanted to tell you how awesome Your Dinner is Planned has been for us! I've always enjoyed cooking but am the WORST at planning meals. This seriously came at the perfect time for us and has already been sooo worth it. Thank you!!!

-Maraina W.


  • Five brand-new, healthy recipes each week

  • A collection of nutritious sides + veggies

  • Organized + portioned grocery checklists

  • A thriving online community


“It's so great having recipes where I already have ingredients in my pantry and regularly use.”

With Your Dinner Is Planned, I now have inspiration and new ideas on how to use ingredients in my pantry.

-Tara H.

“I'm learning to enjoy cooking, and I'm impressing my hubby!"

"Success! I just got my week two list online, and I am genuinely excited to make this food. The chili was our favorite so far and sooo easy! Also, I love seeing everyone's pictures! Total novice level cooker here but moving on up with Your Dinner Is Planned!

-Kate F.

“It only took me 33 minutes to go grocery shopping today between TWO stores, and my total was $50. Incredible!"

So happy to have my time back that I would be spending planning my dinners for myself and my husband!

-Megan P.


Are these recipes really complicated and time consuming? What if I don't really like to cook?

Your Dinner Is Planned gives you access to extremely simple recipes! YOUR TIME IS MY PRIORITY, and all recipes have easy-to-follow directions. Additionally, I provide a video every week with cooking tips and an overview of the menu.

Whether you don’t like cooking (let's change that!), are short on time, or want to learn how to be more efficient in the kitchen, these recipes take traditional favorites and turn them into healthy and SIMPLE recipes!

I love your dinner recipes, but what about dessert?!

Oh, don't you worry! For only $5 more you can have access to your dinner recipes, grocery list, weekly video, AND five new HEALTHY & SIMPLE dessert recipes every single month!

Can I find most of the ingredients at a local grocer?

YES! Your Dinner Is Planned is your hub for SIMPLE meals that don’t use elaborate or hard-to-find ingredients. The ingredients in every recipe can be found at your local grocer.

If you happen to be unable to locate an ingredient, please ask any questions in the Facebook group, I’m here to guide you!

I hate eating the same things over and over again. Does Your Dinner Is Planned offer a variety of recipes?

You receive five recipes every week, and every recipe is brand new and created exclusively for Your Dinner Is Planned members! Each week has a variety of flavor profiles and types of dishes. You definitely won’t be eating only soup or only casseroles for five days in a row!

What if I am a picky eater and/or prepare meals for picky eaters?

You’re in the right place! Not everyone in the world has the same taste buds, and that’s great! That’s what makes cooking exciting.

With Your Dinner Is Planned, I encourage you to use the recipes as your inspiration, and adjust as needed. Every recipe is SIMPLE, so if you need to leave out the cilantro, for example, no problem! Follow the recipe and adjust as desired, because these recipes are created to cater to a variety of lifestyles.

Does Your Dinner Is Planned offer a vegan or vegetarian-only menu?

While there is one vegan/vegetarian meal provided every single week, there is not an *all* vegan/vegetarian menu.

Some recipes can easily be made vegan with simple swaps, but please note that these menus are not entirely plant-based and use ingredients such as dairy, meat, eggs, and seafoods.

Is there someone I can contact if I ever have questions?

Absolutely. All Your Dinner Is Planned members will have access to a Facebook group to share any questions, comments, and photos. I encourage you to utilize this community!

You can also reach our support team at [email protected] with any questions.

Will this work for me if I have food allergies?

I cannot speak to anything medically related, but about 90% of the recipes are gluten free! Dairy is another common allergy/intolerance, so if a recipe has dairy you can either omit or substitute with a dairy alternative (nut-based cheese, for example).

Is nutritional information/calories included with the recipes?

Nutrition facts are not included.

Your Dinner Is Planned is here to provide you with access to simple, healthy, & delicious recipes and an affordable grocery shopping list to save you both time and money!

Additionally, the recipes are created to be very simple and use basic ingredients, so macros can easily be calculated if desired!

When do I receive the new week of recipes and grocery lists?

Recipes are released every Saturday morning. You will have access to your first week of content immediately after signing up. Your next week of recipes will be released the following Saturday.

Receiving your grocery list and recipes at the beginning of the weekend will allow you to plan your entire week for success!

What are the serving sizes for the recipes?

Most of the recipes will make approximately four servings. The great thing about Your Dinner Is Planned, is it's created with YOU in mind. Since every recipe is very simple (and since you have your complete grocery lists), you can easily scale the recipe to fit your needs.

If you are prepping for a larger amount of people, 6-8 for example, simply adjust the main ingredients. The recipes are designed so you can follow them exactly, even if you increase the portions a bit. If the recipe calls for 1 lb of chicken and you need slightly more, you can easily reference your grocery list and know that you will need larger quantities (but the recipes stay the same, and ALL the planning is still done for you)!

If you are creating the recipe for 1-2 people, for example, the recipes freeze very well as meal prep leftovers and/or you can utilize additional meals for lunch or weekends.

How long do I have access to previous recipes?

You have lifetime access to everything released while you are a member of Your Dinner Is Planned. If you do cancel your membership, you no longer receive access to membership benefits.

Can I cancel my membership, if needed?

Yes, of course. There are zero obligations associated with your membership. I’m certain that the value provided to you each week with new recipes and grocery lists will keep you around, but you can cancel if needed. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

TO NOTE: Your account cannot be put on hold. Additionally, if you do cancel and decide to re-join at a later date, your access to recipes and content will restart to Week 1 (because you now have a new start date). Your membership must remain active to access all content delivered.

When will I be charged?

Your first charge will occur when you initially sign-up, and you will then be automatically billed on a regular monthly (or annual) interval based on your selected plan and starting from the date you sign-up.


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