CANDY or SPINACH: Which one is healthier?

Aug 22, 2019

CANDY or SPINACH: Which one is healthier?  (PS - my answer contradicts a lot of the BS you read out there!)

Did you pick the pile of the green stuff?  Or did you go with the handful of candy?

GUESS WHAT?!  NEITHER ONE is 'healthier' than the other!  

What is actually unhealthy is your relationship with food, not the damn food group!

AVOIDING certain foods you've been told are 'bad' is actually what's a hell of a lot unhealthier than eating it, enjoying it, and moving on with your life!

Once you deem a food 'bad' or 'unhealthy,' what happens when you do eat the food?  You feel guilty.  You place negative attention on eating the food, thinking it was wrong.  

Those emotions have NOTHING to do with candy!  Rather, they're all about your relationship with the candy and your comparison of it to other foods.

Do you love spinach?  Does spinach make you feel great?  Then eat the spinach!  Do you love candy?  Does eating candy make you feel great?  EAT THE CANDY! 

Don't deprive yourself from certain foods because someone, somewhere on earth, said it was 'bad.' 

It's about ENJOYING what you eat and how it makes you feel, mentally and physically.  It's about finding a SUSTAINABLE approach that works for YOUR life and YOUR goals.

My perspective is a hell of a lot different than other 'healthy' related bullshit you see on the internet that says 'eat this and not that,' 'make these fat free, low carb, recipes and lose weight fast.' 

What they're not telling you is that although you may see some quick results, you are not implementing a long-lasting, life-changing PLAN.  Without a sustainable plan, you will fall back into old habits and be right back where you started!  

My mission with Your Dinner Is Planned is to empower you to discover first hand that HEALTHY is what makes you FEEL GOOD and is what sustainable for YOU! 




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