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Feeling stressed because dinner planning becomes YOUR responsibility at the end of the day... on top of ALL the other priorities you're trying to juggle? Join this FREE CHALLENGE to make your meal planning for your family stress-free and simple!

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What you will learn :

💚 How to consistently cook healthy meals for your family with zero stress involved

🍅 Pantry staples & ingredients to keep in your kitchen that make a variety of healthy meals

💰 How to save money on your grocery bill by using simple tricks at home

😊 How to reduce overwhelm in the kitchen and begin grocery shopping with confidence

🍝 Recipe substitutions to turn your favorite dinners into healthier meals

🥰 How to make a special recipe that your entire family will love

🍴 Tips for picky-eaters and how to bring joy to your family dinners


Meet your challenge host

Hi, I'm Jasmine Shea!

I am the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned, a membership site that has helped THOUSANDS of busy moms (just like you!) fall in love with cooking again and feed their kiddos healthy, simple meals.

I am also the author of over a dozen healthy cookbooks and have worked with large corporations and grocery chains as a recipe creator. As much experience and expertise as I will be sharing with you, here's the most important part: I GET IT

This challenge and my mission isn't about teaching you how to make your pantry look like Pinterest or shame you for doing what you need to do to feed your kids... it's about implementing small changes that work for YOU!!!

We are in this together, and this challenge is your opportunity to say 'YES! I'm ready to receive what I need to stop feeling so dang overwhelmed.' I gotchu

Come hang out for five days, learn my proven secrets for simple meal planning, and get access to exactly what you need to move forward with inspiration and confidenceI look forward to seeing you there! 


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